Monday, 30 January 2017

Sketches - January Second Week

I used green and purple for this plant sketch. Had great fun drawing these big blocks of color. They make me happy.

Green leaves on purple background - watercolor sketch by Boriana Giormova

Another weird eye. Mixed media. Big mix actually. There is pencil, watercolors, black and white ink on this tiny drawing.

Eye sketch in pencil, ink and watercolor by Boriana Giormova

Made some experiments with dry leaves and watercolors. I had this idea from the autumn so I picked up some beautiful leaves and let them dry. Drew on them with the purple I had mixed. Put the leaf on the paper where it left some beautiful spots. Then added some black ink for the veins. Painted the background. Looked at it and saw that I just had to add more color so I did.

Autumn leaf watercolor drawing by Boriana Giormova

This is just a random imaginary plant. Drew it with watercolor pencil and watercolor paint. Underdeveloped, especially on the top. I like the green leaves, though.

Here's some watermelon. I miss summer a lot. I accidentally made a color which reminded me of watermelon so I drew the slice. It was on a big sheet of paper where my little daughter scribbled. So I cut it and placed it on a sheet which I had painted in this blue color. Nice color combo, I thought.

Watermelon slice, cut and placed on paper painted in blue. Watercolor sketch by Boriana Giormova

Finally, some warm colors in the cold winter days. Snow is falling right now here so I needed some yellow and orange. Added splashes of blue to freshen it a little. Drew this abstract leaves pattern in Paper by Fifty Three.

Abstract pattern in warm colors, made with Paper by Boriana Giormova

You can see all my current sketches at my Instagram.


  1. Looks like your January was playful and prolific. Love your sketches for the color and joy they carry!

  2. Very nice. I really like the details on the leaf.