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New artworks at Society6 and Redbubble

I don't update this blog with new designs as frequently as I should. Over thirty artworks since I last presented the Green Eyes Flower. So I decided to put all the new illustrations I've created recently in two posts. Here are the first ones:

Evil monster with pointy ears I love evil creatures you know. See it at Redbubble / Society6

Winking kitty cat I love cats, too. See it at Redbubble / Society6

Silent rage We all have these moments. See it at Redbubble / Society6

Pattern of blue eyes and fish Inspired by a friend of mine who has beautiful blue eyes and loves diving. See it at Redbubble / Society6

Moon and stars dream Inspired by a nightmare about the moon and stars which I had. See it at Redbubble / Society6

Autumn leaves and ladybugs I love autumn's colors. They're so warm. And ladybugs are plain cute. See it at Redbubble / Society6

Chess pawns Pencil drawing made as homework for art class a long time ago. Finally made art prints of it. See it at Redbubble / Soci…

Discount at my Zazzle store for Mother's Day

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Redbubble group feature - glowing flowers t-shirt

My glowing flowers #tshirt has been featured in the lovely Redbubble group T-Me. See the design here, and the group here.

Recent pencil drawings

Some of the pencil drawings I've recently shared at my Instagram profile and at my Facebook page.

Discount at my Society6 store

Free Worldwide Shipping + 15% Off Wall Tapestries at my Society6 store. Use this promo link to get the discount.