IPhone wallpapers

Cute creatures iPhone wallpapers. Well, some of them are evil, too. Click on the images to download them in their actual size. All of the wallpapers are optimized for the iPhone 5 parallax effect. More wallpapers will be added soon. Enjoy! :)

Evil grinning face

Andean condor

Funny tomato

Funny tomato pattern 

Blue love cats
Red love cats

Funny Too Much Coffee
Crazy lemon eats lemon

Wondering Evil Bug

Orange cute Dazzled Bug

Blue cute Dazzled Bug

Blue Cute Cartoon Robot With Heart

Cute Cartoon Robot With Heart

Dark Happy Cartoon Whale

Dark Happy Cartoon Whale

Purple Funny Giraffe Roller Skating

Yellow Funny Giraffe Roller Skating

Blue Sky Funny Clouds

Evil Flower Bug Vintage

Evil Bug Gives Flower (version 2)

Evil Bug Gives Flower

Blue Gracious Evil Black Cat

Red Gracious Evil Black Cat

Purple Gracious Evil Black Cat

Funny eggplant pattern

Evil bug gives Christmas present
Evil Christmas bug

Evil Tattooed Cartoon Teddy Bear

Purple Cartoon Teddy Bear Fairy
Happy Cartoon Bee

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