Friday, 1 March 2013

Martenitsi Alternative (Зли Мартеници)

Today is March, the 1st. Here in Bulgaria there is a tradition to give to other people bracelets, brooches and other items made of white and red wool. These items are called "martenitsi" and are often shaped as characters, named Pizho (the male) and Penda (the female character). These martenitsi symbolize health and have to be worn until you see a stork - here storks go south in the autumn and come back in the spring. With their white and red colors the martenitsi are always cheerful things. Here's an alternative look at them. I've drawn the Pizho and Penda characters as a slightly evil couple. :)

Зли мартеници Пижо и Пенда с нож

Зли мартеници Пижо и Пенда

This is just a funny approach to this lovely Bulgarian tradition. Thanks for looking!