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Cute Bag Tags With Cartoon Creatures

Customize your luggage with a cute bag tag and never lose it again! Here are some of the custom luggage tags with the cartoon creatures I've created. On the front of the bag tag there is a vibrantly printed illustration of a funny or cute creature and on the back a customizable text is placed - you can add your name, address and phone number.

Orange Cute Fluffy Dazzled Bug Personalized Travel Bag Tags

Blue Gracious Evil Black Cat Personalized Bag Tag

Cute Fire Breath Cartoon T-Rex Dinosaur Kids Luggage Tag

Funny Cartoon Giraffe Roller Skating Personalized Travel Bag Tags

Evil Monster Kingpin Jailed Funny Personalized Tag For Bags

Funny Cartoon Horned Owl Personalized Tags For Bags

Evil Flower Bug Vintage Personalized Luggage Tag
You can see all of these cute luggage tags in the store.

Martenitsi Alternative (Зли Мартеници)

Today is March, the 1st. Here in Bulgaria there is a tradition to give to other people bracelets, brooches and other items made of white and red wool. These items are called "martenitsi" and are often shaped as characters, named Pizho (the male) and Penda (the female character). These martenitsi symbolize health and have to be worn until you see a stork - here storks go south in the autumn and come back in the spring. With their white and red colors the martenitsi are always cheerful things. Here's an alternative look at them. I've drawn the Pizho and Penda characters as a slightly evil couple. :)

This is just a funny approach to this lovely Bulgarian tradition. Thanks for looking!