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Rino children's juice logo and packaging design

This is a student project. The task was to create a logo and packaging design for a product of the student's choice. I chose fruit juice for children because I wanted to make a colorful and a cheerful packaging. I made a research and found that on children's juice packaging most often there is a cartoon character - animal or a fictional creature. So I drew three characters, for the three variations of flavor - sour cherry, apricot and pear.

For the logo, I chose a typeface with round letter shapes, which is modern and friendly. Moreover, in the logo there's a P and an O, whose round shape is repeated in the eyes of the characters.

The next step was the packaging form itself. From the beginning I imagined the packaging as a truncated prism, a form which is suitable for stacking in a way that no space is lost when transporting in trucks, or stacking in warehouses. And, to be honest, I just liked the form itself. Then my teacher said the packaging had to be done in a way simi…

Funny bug bites yummy colorful stripes

Funny bug bites on a bunch of blue, red and purple yummy stripes.

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Some pencil drawings

Some pencil drawings I've done. The first one is of a human torso and its muscles.

The second one is of Monica Bellucci, one of the most beautiful women.

The lovely wooden mannequin called Mani strikes a pose.

And "It's all in the hands" - a composition of a fragile hand with tribal tattoos holding necklace with a heart with teeth. And a strange butterfly.

You can also look at the funny Spheroid Monster, another pencil drawing from the blog, just slightly evil. :)