Thursday, 20 June 2013

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Recent T-Shirt Sales

The Evil Flower Bug shirt has been selling well recently. Today 3 of it were bought - one as a basic T-Shirt, one as a women's tee and one as a tank top.

Another evil creature design sold recently is this black cat hoodie:

This evil monster shirt, too:

And more on the cute side - an origami fox and a cute giraffe on girl's babydoll shirts:

Thanks for looking! Till next time :)

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Different And Alone In Crowd

I created this initially as a part of a student project for a book cover. It's a geometric conceptual illustration of a human figure in a crowd of people. The different person is a dark, black figure with glowing eyes. It stands out from the crowd, which consists of dark purple humanoid shapes. Though alone, the different one is happy to be a weirdo.

Illustration of a dark human silhouette amongst crowd of humanoid shapes

To buy a print click on the image. You can also download a desktop wallpaper with this illustration, and an iPhone wallpaper, too:

You can buy iPhone cases, iPad cases, Samsung Galaxy S4 cases, skins, pillows, T-Shirts and more with this artwork from my Society 6 page.

T-Shirt, available in more colors

iPhone cases, iPod Touch cases and Samsung Galaxy S4 cases

iPad and iPad Mini case

iPad, iPad Mini and laptop skins

Decorative pillow

Stationery cards

You can see all products with this conceptual illustration here.
Till next time!