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Too much coffee

This guy has had too much coffee... He is so overexcited that he feels as if lightnings are striking his head.

You can download a 1920x1200 wallpaper with this image:

Funny vegetables

Funny illustration of three cute cartoon vegetables - a red tomato, green broccoli and a violet eggplant. Click on the image below to download the wallpaper in 1920x1200 resolution.

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Each of the vegetables:

You can buy prints of the crazy vegetables from my online store.

Funny Cartoon Vegetables Postcard
Stressed vegetables apron
Funny Cartoon Broccoli Magnet
Funny Cartoon Eggplant Button
Funny Cartoon Vegetables Wall Clock

Snake ribbon

A snake doodle.

You can see more snakes (they're in love) here.

It's Coffee Time Poster

Vibrant orange poster with a stylized green coffee cup filled with coffee on orange background. Orange clock hands are seen on the coffee surface. This coffee illustration was made as a student project. The task was to create a poster with the phrase "It's Coffee Time".

You can buy prints from my online store. You can also buy various coffee products with this coffee image:

Coffee Time Dark Female Tee Shirt
Its Coffee Time Orange iPhone 4/4S Case
Orange Coffee Time iPad Mini Case
Coffee Time Orange Magnet And though I adore coffee, sometimes I drink a bit too much. So here is an image of a funny overexcited coffee drinker to illustrate the feeling.

Magazine cover design

This is a set of three fictional magazine covers, a student project. The first one is for an economical magazine, the second - a culinary one, and the third - for an extreme sports magazine.