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New artworks at Society6 and Redbubble - part 6

Purple ant drawing. I love ants. Made this digital painting in Procreate. Just added the texture in Pixelmator afterwards.

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I love the colors of autumn. These funny bugs love them, too. They're always hungry and their favorite thing is munching on orange autumn leaves.

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Sometimes the weather is gloomy and I feel like crying. Though there's something very beautiful in the rain. This is how the idea for this painting came to me.

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I love shading spheres. These red planets were drawn in Procreate.

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Here's a whimsical painting of glowing blue swirls. There is something magical in it. That was my idea, at least.

See art prints at Redbubble / Society6

Drew this illustration for a competition.  Didn't win but anyway. Wanted to express how we a re always free in our thoughts and no one can take that from us. The poster came out …