Monday, 25 November 2013

Mr. Bone, Whim and the Evil Flower Bug became good friends. As Christmas is coming, they've prepared Christmas presents for each other. And they wish you a Merry, Merry Christmas! :)

This is a collaboration between me, Batkei ( and Ganech Joe. Check out their amazing artworks!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Custom Wallets With My Funny Creatures

Wallets have been recently introduced as a product on Zazzle and my creatures of course soon started to inhabit them. Now they have started to sell well thanks to the lovely people who like them and the great people who refer other lovely people to them. Here are some of my funny, evil and cute customized and customizable wallets:

Dark Cute Origami Fox Wallets
Dark Cute Origami Fox Wallets by borianag
Check out another wallet for women at

Evil Flower Bug Vintage Wallets
Evil Flower Bug Vintage Wallets by borianag
Find other Vintage Wallets at

Lemon Eats Lemon Funny Wallets
Lemon Eats Lemon Funny Wallets by borianag
View more Funny Wallets at

Thanks for looking! See you later :)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

My snowman bag is included in the Christmas Market :)

My snowman bag is included in the Christmas Market at Judy Adamson's lovely blog. Thank you Judy! :)

Happy Singing Snowman Christmas Bag

Click on the link to see Judy's original post:
Judy Adamson's Art & Design Blog: International Christmas Market - Christmas Gifts a...: This week I'm proud to present the work of a 'Baker's Dozen' of artists, photographers and designers from all over th...

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Recent Sales And Some Randomness

I had some lovely sales recently. Some lovely people bought this funny giraffe women's tee from my Society 6 store:

Funny Roller Skating Giraffe T-Shirt

And an iPhone skin with the Evil Flower Bug:

Evil Flower Bug iPhone skin

At Zazzle I sold a lunch box for the first time! It's one with the gracious evil black cat:

The Evil Flower Bug is in its apogee there.

I also sold two iPhone cases with the Gracious Evil Black Cat on purple background to two different people.

It is interesting that all the Zazzle sales were referred. Thanks so much to the people who referred them!

Some loovely sales at CafePress, too.

A person bought two pillows and two twin duvets with the funny giraffe. I suppose it's a father buying bedding for his kids, sounds so sweet! (You see I even imagine stories for the buyers of my things. Well that's just me, can't help it :))

Funny Giraffe twin duvet

Funny giraffe pillow

And then another lovely person bought a mini wallet with the giraffe. The giraffe felt happy for being loved.

Funny Giraffe mini wallet

And finally, a Christmas shirt and a cute Dazzled Bug iPhone case at Redbubble:

Evil Christmas Bug T-Shirt

Dazzled Bug iPhone case

Thanks to all the lovely people who bought my stuff and to you who are reading this! See you later :)


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Funny Cartoon Broccoli Pattern

I've created a pattern from the illustration of the cartoon broccoli character. It's crazy and funny and green. If you want to buy a print of it, just click on the image below, it will lead you to the Society 6 product page.

You can download a desktop and an iPhone wallpaper with this funny broccoli pattern:

See some fun stuff with this funny pattern from my Society 6 store:
You can see many more products with this funny broccoli pattern at my Zazzle store, more products with this funny pattern, but with white background, and fun broccoli products at my CafePress store, too.  You can also view the original illustration of the cartoon broccoli.

Have a fun day and thanks for looking!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fun Snowman Christmas Gifts

Here I've collected some fun and cute Christmas gifts with snowman illustrations. All of them are available to buy online at Zazzle - the links lead to the product pages.

Red Happy Singing Snowman Christmas
Red Happy Singing Snowman Christmas by borianag
View other Happy May28th Watch at

Magical Snowman Cover For iPhone 5C
Magical Snowman Cover For iPhone 5C by StuffOrSomething
Look at more Winter Casemate Cases at zazzle

Snowman Face Pillow
Snowman Face Pillow by maylilly
Browse Kids Pillows online at

Snow Din Greeting Cards
Snow Din Greeting Cards by Gingerbloke
Look at more Drums Cards at zazzle

Winter Friends Cards
Winter Friends Cards by whimsicalchristmas
Shop for Snowman Cards online at

Snowman Pillow
Snowman Pillow by christmasgiftshop
Browse other pillow designs on Zazzle.

I hope you've liked all of these cute Christmas gifts! Bye for now. :)