Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Illustration for my ex-libris

This was one of my student projects. The task was the ex-libris to represent myself. So, I often draw this kind of flesh-eating flowers. I love chemistry, hence the flask in the hands. The molecule in the flask is the structural formula of benzene - one of the key compounds in organic chemistry. And the reference for the body of the girl is a photo of mine that I took for the purpose of creating the ex-libris.

Ex-libris woman with a flask

Evil Ragged Black Cat

Ragged black cat who has already lost eight of its nine lives, but doesn't care.

Black cat

Click on the image below to save it as a 1900x1200 resolution wallpaper.

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Thanks for looking and 'till next time! :)

Monday, 4 July 2011

Yellow Girl

Pencil drawing of a blonde girl with hair blown by the wind made with yellow and brown colored pencils.

Pencil drawn girl with blonde hair

Girl with a balloon pencil drawing

Pencil drawing of a happy girl holding her grinning balloon while going for a walk on a sunny summer day. I love drawing with colored pencils so much!

Pencil drawn girl with her grinning balloon

Robot with a balloon pencil drawing

Drawing of a happy robot with its grinning balloon made with colored pencils.
Pencil drawin robot holding a balloon

Friday, 1 July 2011

Cute Dazzled Bug Character

Cute Dazzled Bug is a funny fluffy creature curious about the world.

Cute fluffy creature with big eyes

Other Dazzled Bug illustrations - Dazzled Bug birthday greeting card design and Bug Kubuntu - three Dazzled Bugs in a circle resembling the Kubuntu Linux logo.

Three blue dazzled bugs holding hands forming a circle.

Dazzled bug holding a balloon with its friends on a yellow background

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