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New Fun iPad Covers at Zazzle

Zazzle has new cool iPad covers and my creatures rushed to place themselves on them. These fun iPad covers fit iPad 2/3/4, attach with a magnet to the iPad which wakes/sleeps the device when opening and closing. The covers can also be folded in a triangular stand. All of these iPad covers can be customized to fit iPad Air and iPad Mini. You can also place your own text on them. Here they are - the creatures on the iPads:

Fun Free Colorful Kite Bird iPad Cover by borianag
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Cute Happy Smiling Sun iPad Cover by borianag
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Evil Flower Bug Vintage iPad Cover by borianag
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Red Funny Gothic Evil Flower Bug iPad Cover by borianag
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Green Gracious Evil Black Cat iPad Cover by borianag
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Blue Ragged Evil Black Cat iPad Cover by borianag
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Jailed Evil Monster Kingpin Character iPad Cover by borianag

The first full-color issue of Ghoul Squad comic is out!

The first full-color issue of Ghoul Squad comic by Brandon Rhiness is out and it's fantastic! The characters and the story are cool and captivating and the art is awesome. There's an interview in it with me, too. :) Buy it here: