Monday, 29 February 2016

Evil tummy aching monster

This is the horrible monster that's making my baby's tummy ache - she could not sleep last night. Die, you nasty beast, die! (I imagined it and almost killed it).

Then the next day the beast calmed a little, yeah!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Thumb sketched blue eye

Baby can't sleep - I can't sleep. It's that simple. So here's another thumb sketched eye with lots of dots.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Poppy drawing

One of my favorite flowers is the poppy. I realized I haven't drawn any poppies up to now so I did.

My favorite thing to draw from art class

When my first daughter was one year old I had decided to study architecture and went to art lessons. I enjoyed drawing this object the most and I enjoyed painting it a lot, too. I loved it. It looked like a strange creature to me, with its cute tiny paws.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Glowing blue flowers sketch

I made a sketch of these glowing blue flowers for the fives day Art Challenge that goes between my Facebook friends.

Happy Valentine's Day from Scrumko, and Happy Trifon Zarezan, too

Happy Valentine's Day!
This is Scrumko. He's a little robot whom I drew for an app which my husband and his friends made to help themselves with organizing their work. Scrumko's face is like a tablet because the app will be used on a tablet.
Scrumko is in love with another mystery robot, doesn't say who she is. He is generally good natured and optimistic. If the subject of his affection rejects him, he will drink a wine or a beer and he will be OK as ever.

The story is a little longer, actually. Today in Bulgaria is also a holiday related to wine - "Trifon Zarezan". So Scrumko appeared with a wine glass, too, to honor our holiday. And the beer... well...  we all love beer, don't we.

You can see more images of Scrumko at my blog post here. Check out Scrumko's Facebook page, too.

In Bulgarian:

Честит Свети Валентин!

Това е Скръмко. Той е малък сладък робот, който нарисувах за програмката, която съпругът ми и приятелите му правят, за да си помогнат с организирането на задачите. Глават на Скръмко е таблет, защото програмата ще се използва на таблет.

Днес Скръмко е влюбен, не казва в кого. Сладурче и душичка, той е весел и оптимистичен. Дори да бъде отхвърлен, ще си пийне чашка винце. Или бира. И всичко ще е наред, както винаги. :)

Ха, сега малко по-сериозно. Днес, както знаем, е и Трифон Зарезан. Та ето защо Скръмко е готов за наздравица с чаша вино. А бирата... всички обичаме бира, нали (освен някои съмнителни елементи, на тях ще им простим, хайде). Наздраве!

Повече картинки със Скръмко в този пост. Вижте и Фейсбук страницата на Скръмко тук.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Random yellow flower sketch

Yesterday's flower sketch:

See it also on Instagram here

Drawing of coin in perspective

An old drawing from art class. The assignment was to draw a coin in perspective. On the back of the Bulgarian 1 lev then there was St. George killing a dragon ("zmej", actually). My eyes hurt a lot from staring at the coin but I totally loved drawing it.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Friday, 5 February 2016

Happy hearts sketch

Some happy hearts sketch. I love Paper more and more. Created the hearts very quickly on the iPhone just using my thumb. I'm surprised the app is usable on such a small screen, too.