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Dinosaur and Christmas tree

A funny dinosaur is looking at the Christmas tree. It wonders why there's a heart on top of it instead of a star. Why, really? Because love is everywhere. Enough chit-chat, here is the bedazzled creature:

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Crazy yellow creature

I've created a set of items with this crazy yellow creature. It's not cute, it's not lovely, but I just can get it out of my head. First of all, there is the Christmas party invitation:

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Smiling Christmas star amongst pine trees

A happy star shines amongst the trees... It's the star from this confused dinosaur's Christmas tree.

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Cute and Funny Giraffe Roller Skating

Cute and funny giraffe nibbling on a flower while roller skating. It's a crazy cartoon one.

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You can download a 1920x1200 desktop wallpaper and an iPhone wallpaper with the giraffe:

Birthday cards with the funny cartoon giraffe:

Purple Giraffe Birthday Customizable Card
Funny Giraffe Birthday Cards
You can buy a print of this image or see other cute products with the crazy giraffe from my store:

Funny Giraffe Roller Skating Tee Shirt by borianag
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Tough Funny Cartoon Giraffe Skating Purple by borianag
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Yellow Funny Cartoon Giraffe Roller Skating by borianag
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Funny Giraffe Roller Skating Yellow by borianag
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Funny Giraffe Roller Skating Violet Barely There iPod Case by borianag
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Funny Giraffe Roll…

Christmas Dazzled Bug

Here is the Dazzled Bug with its Christmas hat. It puts the hat on on December, the 1st and wears it the whole month through.

Pin ItYou can also see the Evil Christmas Bugs, they're Dazzled Bug's evil cousins, but they love to celebrate Christmas, too.