New artworks at Society6 and Redbubble - part 8

First is a vector illustration of an abstract ant. It's a flying ant with weird wings made of oval geometric shapes.
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Next is a chess pattern created of a one of my old pencil drawings of two black and white chess pawns. I fell in love with the pawns back then when I was drawing them.
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This beautiful pink flower has white stigmata and little leaves and berries which is not very possible. On tops of that, dots cover the whole image.
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I love Procreate. Most of my painting with this app start as doodles. This one was not an exception. It is an abstract plant with pointy leaves against textured background in yellow and purple.
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Last is an abstract illustration of beautiful white flowers sprinkled with red over light blue background drawn in Procreate again. These whimsical blossoms resemble lily flowers.
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Sketches from March 2017

Here are the last sketches which I added to my Instagram feed in March 2017:

Честита Баба Марта! Today is one of The national holidays here. We give each other brooches made of white and red wool called "martenitsi". We wish good health for the whole year with them. I drew mine with alien antennae and horns because why not. :) A post shared by Boriana (@pboriana) on Mar 1, 2017 at 7:08am PST
Tried sprinkling salt on watercolor A post shared by Boriana (@pboriana) on Mar 6, 2017 at 10:14pm PST
Some strange plants are growing here A post shared by Boriana (@pboriana) on Mar 9, 2017 at 10:18pm PST
Drew a funny chick to my youngest daughter. "A duck!" - she said. (Е, ако трябва да сме точни, каза "пате") A post shared by Boriana (@pboriana) on Mar 12, 2017 at 11:11pm PDT
What better cure for low mood than drawing a pink ugly monster with lots of eyes A post shared by Boriana (@pboriana) on Mar 14, 2017 at 11:29pm PDT
She has a nice dress made of wire and broken gla…

Psychedelic eye featured at Redbubble

My psychedelic eye illustration was featured in Redbubble's Found last week.

Green leaves pattern featured in a Redbubble group

My green leaves pattern was featured in the cool Redbubble group Gimme Some Skin. This group is all about cases and skins for phones, tablets and laptops. Check out how the cases with this leaf pattern look: See more with this design at Redbubble. SaveSave

Tulip pattern featured at Redbubble

My tulips pattern was featured in Redbubble's Found today. Thank you Redbubble!

Evil monster sticker on my phone

I bought one if my Redbubble stickers for myself and slapped it on my phone. Put a clear case over it so it's smooth and protected. Then made a photo session with two of my favorite toys (the devil is from Nici and the mummy - from Ikea).

Textures and plants from Samothraki island - Greece

Textures and plants from Samothraki island, Greece. Just came back from it. Fantastic place. My first time being on an island, my first ferry travel. Some new experience.