Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Sketches - February First Week

Here are all my sketches from the first week of February 2017. First, I drew this cute burning fire character in my Paper app.

I also sketched this flower in ink. Then added watercolor and was surprised to see that my favorite black pen had water soluble ink. Anyway, my mistake had fun results.

Later, there was a big sale at my Society6 store which inspired me to draw this watercolor sketch of the 40% and some leaves around. To be honest, Just felt like drawing and this was the thing that came up on that day.

Finally, some abstract swirls which I drew in Procreate. Lots of purple, heh.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Sketches - January Fourth Week

Drew this watercolor sketch on one of January's topics -"plaid" for the challenge of Anika Starmer (Let's Make Patterns). Had a lot of fun layering the colors.

Fun watercolor pattern with leaves and suns on the topic "plaid". By Boriana Giormova

Drew this tiny sketch with fun and flowers in Procreate while my daughter was sleeping beside me. I am making a little animation from this image now. Will share it as soon as it is ready.

Digital sketch of a smiling girl's face and flowers blooming around. By Boriana Giormova

Some ice cones and snowflakes drawn again for one of the January topics of Anika's pattern challenge.

Winter pattern of ice cones and snowflakes drawn in Paper. By Boriana Giormova

In this image I was experimenting with the watercolor tool in my Tayasui Sketches app. It's great.

Abstract sketch of fluffy spots in orange, yellow in green drawn in Tayasui Sketches app. By Boriana Giormova

Some eyes here and there... Drew this pattern in Paper. I draw a lot of freaky weird eyes recently.

Dark pattern of reptile eyes and abstract shapes drawn in Paper. By Boriana Giormova

Finally, here's a cute little bug drawn in ink. You can see the pencil marks from my little daughter over it. She drew, too. :)
Ink sketch of a cute smiling bug with big antennae. By Boriana Giormova

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Watercolor hearts for Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day I drew a watercolor heart for my husband and for each of my kids. Made a card with the big one. The three little ones I cut and gave to the girls. The older kids put them on the back of their phone cases. :)

Watercolor drawing of a red heart with texture made of many colorful dots

Three watercolor hearts cut and arranged on light green paper

Monday, 13 February 2017

Sketches - January Third Week

Hadn't drawn a snowflake in a while. Drew it very quickly with my favorite blue and pink watercolor paints. Winter is a big inspiration, especially with the heavy snowfalls recently.

Abstract snowflakes drawn in blue and pink watercolors. By Boriana Giormova

Sketched some leaves, too. This is one of my favorite shapes. I love to draw it and fill it with whatever. This time I tested my new watercolor paints. I used my kids paints before. There is a great difference, indeed. The colors are very bright and I use a lot less paint for the same color intensity. This drawing was all about contrast in color and texture.

Abstract leaves drawn depicting contrast in texture and colors. Drawn in aquarelle by Boriana Giormova

And, lastly, just a fun flower. I would call it fire flower if it existed. Had some fun with yellow in orange.

Abstract flower drawn in orange and yellow watercolor. By Boriana Giormova

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

White Ink Drawings

My friends gave me this very cool white ink pen along with a sketchpad with black paper. They are so cool! So I sketched these abstract flowers, some snowflakes and two fat letters with decorative ornaments.

Abstract flowers drawn with white ink on black paper. By Boriana Giormova

Letter K with decorative elements. Drawn with white ink on black paper. By Boriana Giormova

Letter A with decorative elements. Drawn with white ink on black paper. By Boriana Giormova

Abstract snowflakes pattern drawn with white ink. By Boriana Giormova