Desktop wallpapers

Some fun wallpapers made by me. Click on a thumbnail, then right click and save the image or choose "Set as a wallpaper". You can freely distribute them as long as you mention me and add a link to this site.

The Evil grin

Geometric Andean condor

Funny tomato

Funny tomato pattern

Blue love cats desktop wallpaper
Red love cats desktop wallpaper

Psychedelic eye
Gentle blue flowers
Cheerful red flowers pattern
Cute origami fox (yellow)
Cute origami fox (blue)
Happy whale (blue)
Happy cartoon whale
Funny Too Much Coffee

Flasks and hearts pattern
Bug bites yummy stripes (second version)
Soccer playing dinosaur (blue)
Evil monster kingpin (second version)
Funny Lemon Eats Lemon
Winking kitty cat
Red evil monster
Silent rage
Moon and stars dream
Autumn leaves and ladybugs
Pattern of fish and eyes in blue sea
Green eyes flower
Music loving ferret
Evil cat skull in pastel tones
Purple evil flower
Beautiful green leaves pattern
Cute geometric penguin with big eyes
Focussian fluffy cartoon alien
Funny bug bites yummy stripes
Cute green apple
Winter blue crystallized heart
Funny cartoon eggplant pattern wallpaper
Evil Bug Gives Christmas Present desktop wallpaper
Funny Cartoon Owl With Horns
Happy Cartoon Bee On Flower
Why We Sneeze (Evil Itching Bug In Nose)

Happy Singing Snowman
Purple Gracious Evil Black Cat
Christmas Snowy Pine Snowflake
Evil Cartoon Teddy Bear
Black Funny Cartoon Dinosaur Soccer
Crazy Cartoon Monster
Evil Monster Kingpin Jailed

Cute Hugging Cartoon Characters

Happy Smiling Sun

Funny Cartoon Evil Snakes

Dizzy Flower

Happy Singing Cartoon Robot
Evil Flower Bug Vintage
Ragged Evil Black Cat
Singing Evil Christmas Bug
Funny Cartoon Roller Skating Giraffe
Cute Teddy Bear Hypnotist
Funny Cartoon Cookie Monster 
Purple Pink Yellow Bugs Pattern
Yellow Blue Bugs Pattern
Happy Sun Pattern
Funny Cartoon Clouds
Funny Bug Bites Yummy Colorful Stripes

Funny Cartoon Alien
Cute Origami Fox
Blue Gracious Evil Black Cat
Cute Clumsy Robot With Heart
Different In People Crowd
Funny Cartoon Broccoli Pattern
Happy Cartoon Whale
Funny Cartoon Vegetables
Blue Evil Cartoon Snakes
Happy Cartoon Bee
Happy New Year - wallpaper with all the creatures
Evil cat skull