Monday, 13 February 2017

Sketches - January Third Week

Hadn't drawn a snowflake in a while. Drew it very quickly with my favorite blue and pink watercolor paints. Winter is a big inspiration, especially with the heavy snowfalls recently.

Abstract snowflakes drawn in blue and pink watercolors. By Boriana Giormova

Sketched some leaves, too. This is one of my favorite shapes. I love to draw it and fill it with whatever. This time I tested my new watercolor paints. I used my kids paints before. There is a great difference, indeed. The colors are very bright and I use a lot less paint for the same color intensity. This drawing was all about contrast in color and texture.

Abstract leaves drawn depicting contrast in texture and colors. Drawn in aquarelle by Boriana Giormova

And, lastly, just a fun flower. I would call it fire flower if it existed. Had some fun with yellow in orange.

Abstract flower drawn in orange and yellow watercolor. By Boriana Giormova

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