Thursday, 7 January 2016

I got a huge chocolate gift

I'm a chocolate fanatic. Yesterday my husband brought me a fantastic gift - a huge chocolate "Grand Ferrero Rocher". I wondered what would actually be inside it. A massive chocolate block? A hollow inside with something else in it? It turned out to be like the movie "Inception". There was a beautiful wrapping. Then plastic box shaped and textured as a hazelnut. Then a shell made of thick layer of yummy milk chocolate with walnuts. It was a shell for a smaller plastic box which contained two normal sized chocolates, and each of them had a hazelnut inside.

It was very big, indeed. Notice the size of the boxes from the Kinder eggs my husband brought to the kids next to the chocolate. And the lovely Raffaello box behind it. All this was accompanied by a beautiful red rose and... two 100 gram chocolate blocks NuCrema. You can imagine my pancreatic cells being veery busy producing insulin to manage all the glucose overload. And my endorphins at their peak. :)

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