Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Pinterest suspended my account, was quick to fix it this time

I love Pinterest. I use it a lot. Sometimes strange things happen though. Yesterday Pinterest suspended my account for no apparent reason. To me, at least.

This is the second time this happens to my Pinterest account. The first time was two years ago. Suddenly I was unable to log-in and saw the message that my account had been suspended. Was then redirected to a page with all possible reasons for account suspension. I read it. Concluded that probably it was not my fault, wrote to them, replied to the automated mail they send me. Received no news for about a month. Wrote to them again, waited a couple of days. Then… an email came. It said that it had been their mistake, they apologized and made my account active again. I had already moved over the issue, my negative thoughts had passed. And mistakes happen, I can totally understand this. I was happy to have my account back.

So I started to use Pinterest again. A little, a little, more… and now with the same rate as before. It’s addictive, really. And yesterday - Bang! - the same message. I looked at it calmly. “Oh well” - I thought - “Again. Okay then.” And went through the same steps: wrote an email, received the polite automated reply, replied to this email again. I was prepared to wait a long time - after all, they have zillions of users now. Having three little kids at home, I forgot almost immediately about the issue.

And then, 2-3 hours later - an email saying everything is Okay, they had made a mistake and my account is back. I was not happy dealing with the same issue again. I was delightfully surprised at their quickness this time though.

Maybe someone tried to hack my account, I don’t know. I wonder if implementing two-step verification will fix this recurring issue.

So, last thoughts. Pinterest, I love you, but please don’t do this again! (Or be as quick as now to fix it).

I hope you found this article interesting. Have you dealt with similar issues yourself?


  1. My account got suspended too, and i already send them an email, but they still hadn't said anything.

    Can you please explain more in detail how you got your account back all the times it got suspended.

    thanks (sorry for my english)

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