Friday, 2 November 2012

Cute And Strange Creatures 2013 Calendar

I've made a 2013 calendar with the creatures.

The year starts with the evil Christmas bug singing and dancing in January.

In February, the month of love, you will see a cute fluffy teddy bear hypnotist holding a heart.

The Evil Flower Bug grinning with a flower in its hand will greet you in March.

In April it is coffee time.

In May the Monster Kingpin is finally caught and grins at you even behind jail bars.

In June it's summer time and a happy smiling sun will cheer you.

Cute fire and water creatures are hugging on the July cover.

In August a cute happy giraffe is roller skating with flowers in its tail.

The Halftone Alien comes to Earth in September.

In October Halloween comes and a ragged black cat counts its lives.

In November a funny cookie monster nibbles on a sweet home made cookie.

A cute cartoon dinosaur celebrates Christmas in December.

And finally, the back cover of the calendar.

Thanks for looking. You can buy the calendar here.