Monday, 13 August 2012

Evil Monsters Custom IPhone Cases

I've made this blog post to gather all the iPhone cases with my funny evil monsters. First, the Evil Flower Bug. It is a cute evil creature who always leaves a flower on the crime scene. It's evil, but it's also kind of cute. And it loves flowers... loves eating them, in fact. The Evil Flower Bug is a grinning cartoon creature with sharp teeth who holds a big flower.

The Evil Christmas Bug is funny creature who is singing and dancing to the tunes of a Christmas song:

Evil Snake in Love is a criminal, master infiltrator. This evil monster is a snake resembling creature with heart-shaped eyes. Due to the nature of its body, this evil snake slides easily in every building and unlocks doors and safe boxes. The evil snake falls in love very easily which often impedes its evil doings.

Purple evil cat skull is a funny skull which floats in air and scares people, knocking them down (in many cases, by laughter).

The Red Evil Grining Face is just a petty criminal, devilish but and fierce.

And finally, the master of the evil creatures, the Evil Monster Kingpin is captured, in jail. After many months and years of chase this blue grinning evil monster is behind jail bars. Now all good creatures (cookies especially) can be relieved from this threatening menace.
Thanks for reading! Now that you've seen the evil monster iPhone 4 cases, you can see the cute ones, too.