Thursday, 7 November 2013

Recent Sales And Some Randomness

I had some lovely sales recently. Some lovely people bought this funny giraffe women's tee from my Society 6 store:

Funny Roller Skating Giraffe T-Shirt

And an iPhone skin with the Evil Flower Bug:

Evil Flower Bug iPhone skin

At Zazzle I sold a lunch box for the first time! It's one with the gracious evil black cat:

The Evil Flower Bug is in its apogee there.

I also sold two iPhone cases with the Gracious Evil Black Cat on purple background to two different people.

It is interesting that all the Zazzle sales were referred. Thanks so much to the people who referred them!

Some loovely sales at CafePress, too.

A person bought two pillows and two twin duvets with the funny giraffe. I suppose it's a father buying bedding for his kids, sounds so sweet! (You see I even imagine stories for the buyers of my things. Well that's just me, can't help it :))

Funny Giraffe twin duvet

Funny giraffe pillow

And then another lovely person bought a mini wallet with the giraffe. The giraffe felt happy for being loved.

Funny Giraffe mini wallet

And finally, a Christmas shirt and a cute Dazzled Bug iPhone case at Redbubble:

Evil Christmas Bug T-Shirt

Dazzled Bug iPhone case

Thanks to all the lovely people who bought my stuff and to you who are reading this! See you later :)