Cute Creatures Jewellery Sets


Strange creatures sometimes inhabit jewellery, too. Here are some cute necklace and earrings sets with cartoon creatures.

First is a bright origami fox set:

Second are these cartoon robot jewels created for geeks and people who love robots. They are bright, happy and colorful.
Here's a smiling funny and cute cookie monster holding a cookie and a red flag with the text "Cookies":
Next is the Dazzled Bug. It is a very fluffy creature. It's even placed on a vibrant orange background.
Here are funny soccer necklace and earrings with a cute dinosaur playing soccer. They would make a great gift for the soccer lovin' gals out there.
And finally, the most cheerful ones. They have warm colors and feature an illustration of a happy smiling sun.
You can buy the jewels from my Cafepress store - just click on the images and they will lead you to the corresponding product page.

Thanks for looking. Till next time! :)

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